Monday, July 25, 2005

Bone marrow biopsy looks good

Hello, friends!
Another day, another update…

The news is good! The doctor called at noon today to say that the results of last Thursday’s bone marrow biopsy were back, and that the marrow “looks good”—the blast cells (immature white cells) that were present in the test sample looked “completely different” from the leukemic blast cells in the original biopsy.  
So I’ll begin “consolidation chemo” sometime next week—three days per week, one week per month, over four months.  This week I’ll have another biopsy (to make double-sure I’m leukemia-free) and have a catheter implanted for use during the chemo.  The doctor tells me I should expect to be pretty “wiped out” during the weeks when I’m getting chemo, and for several days afterward.  Can’t say I’m looking forward to that!

But what I am looking forward to is spending more time at home (even better since Anna has her office here at the house!), visiting with friends, and healing.  And of course Dillon’s with us too, very much a part of the healing process.

So that’s the news for today.  Again, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of you, individually and collectively, for your good wishes and your prayers, your phone calls and your emails, and for the cards and flowers and audio books and many other gifts for which I haven’t yet thanked you properly.

Take care and be well, and thanks, thanks, thanks—

John, Anna, and Dillon


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