Friday, May 26, 2006

Home for the weekend

Dear friends,

Just a very quick note to say that Anna and Dillon and I are home in Austin for the weekend, and on the way home we got some good though not definitive news: Mary Alma, Dr. Gies’ PA, called to tell us that there were no visible leukemia cells in my spinal fluid! (That doesn’t there are none; just must means that aren’t visible if they’re there, and there will have to be ome or more additional lumbar punctures with the same results before they’re willing to say more.) It’s even possible that the nausea and vomiting I experienced last night—which interrupted a lovely dinner with Jim Thatcher and Diana Seidel, who then helped get me to the emergency center—may by signs that the radiation therapy is working to melt away the tumors in my brain. This reminds me of the morning back in the fall when I called Dr. Tucker at 7:00 AM to tell him that I’d just spent a night of agonizing backpai,, to which he said, “That’s probably good news—it means your bone marrow is producing white cells.” And it was true—my white count went up over 1,000 points overnight.)

It’s overhemlingly beautiful to be at home, even for just a few days. I got to feed Dillon and take him outside for his post-supper bathroom run. The thermometer in the car said it as 100 degrees Fahrenheit as we came around the corder onto E. 35th Street. That’s ridiculously hot for May (or any other time, for that matter) bit I’m not complaining.

Peg Syverson just came over, bearing dinner; so I’m going to close this now.

I love you. Thanks so much four your love and support in all their various forms.



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