Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day 26: Dillon's back!

Dillon’s back! He flew in with Ledia last night on a Continental non-stop from San Francisco (Dan and Diann had dropped him off at her house in the Mission District earlier in the day), and they got to Rotary House about 9:00 PM. I’m just delighted he’s here. I was so excited when Ledia called me from the airport to say they’d landed safe and sound I couldn’t stop crying for the sheer joy and relief of it; I left a message on Dan and Diann’s home phone, but as soon as I hung up I realized that the emotion in my voice might alarm them into thinking that something was wrong with Dillon, so I left a second message to say that he was just fine and I was just happy. He sniffed around the apartment for a while, checking things out; and then, when the three of us sat down to a dinner we had ordered delivered from Palazzo’s Italian restaurant, he came and lay down between me and Anna, with his head under Anna’s chair.

He’s with me now at the clinic, where I’m getting my daily IV fluids. He’s sleeping in front of me, on what JayByrd calls his “cloud,” a very soft mat that Anna carried over here for him. And he seems content.

He seemed to enjoy guiding me across the SkyBridge from the hotel to Elevator A, on the way to the Diagnostic Center for this morning’s blood draw, and again on the over here to the ATC Bed Unit on the same floor, near Elevator C. We’ve been going to a different ATC unit, one with the exciting subtitle “(R10),” but that’s not open on Sundays so we’ll be coming here instead. I can’t tell how it differs from R10, and I don’t know why it’s called the Bed Unit—there are beds upstairs, too, and the rooms feel pretty much the same. More mysteries. Maybe it’s just that the chairs aren’t quite as comfortable in here, so that I’ll want to get into the bed after a while?

My blood counts are very good this morning: hemoglobin is back up to 12 (it dipped a little yesterday); platelets are 173 (still on their way down from that high of 251 the other day, but still well within normal range and far above anything they worry about); and my overall white count is 5.1 (the absolute neutrophil count hasn’t come back yet). It’s going to be a good day. Anna and Ledia are off having breakfast somewhere and enjoying each other’s company; I’ll get to enjoy their company in a few hours, and I’m looking forward to that.

That’s it for now. Thanks and thanks again to Dan and Diann, for welcoming Dillon into their home once again and showing him such a good time (he got to go to the beach at Point Reyes last weekend, and he got to walk in the woods around the cabin they’d rented!), and for taking such good care of him.


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