Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick update from Houston

Hi everyone: We arrived at MD Anderson last night. Anna is typing this from my room, 1179, in the old familiar bone marrow unit where Dr. Andersson and his team regularly make rounds. Hopefully I'll only be here for a few days. I'd been suffering from muscle weakness, low blood pressure, and rapidly lowering platelets and Dr. Andersson thinks I either have an infection masked by the steroids or something called IPT--your immune system starts making antibodies to attack your platelets. They started me on 2 antibiotics by IV and I already feel stronger.

Anna and Dillon are staying in Rotary House. Lisa from the hotel is acting as dogsitter every few hours so Anna can visit me. Dillon, as before, isn't allowed on the floor with so many immune-suppressed patients.

What adventures! More news soon. Love, John

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