Tuesday, March 25, 2008

John passed away peacefully 10pm Mon, March 24

John passed away at 10pm tonight in the presence of Anna, Peter, Mason and Melissa. His breathing became softer and breaths further apart as Peter told him it was ok to let go, and we had just started playing Lakshmi's gentle meditation CD. Ledia, Wolf, and Myles joined us in the hospital room a few minutes later.

Earlier Lakshmi Jackman, Sharron Rush, Celia Hughes and John Van Strien had visited John's room and gone to dinner with Anna, Myles, and Peter at Shiva's Indian Restaurant in Rice Village while Ledia, Wolf, Mason and Melissa stayed with John. Earlier, Laura Rose and Greta had visited, done hands on healing on John, gave Anna and Peter neck massages, and danced to gospel music with Anna. It felt like a very healing day, with blessings from so many friends and family.

More information about services coming soon.
With love, Anna


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