Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 13, Seton Hospital

Hi, everyone. Anna's typing this quick note for me to let you know that I'm doing a lot better since the last post. My eyes are much less swollen and the pain is gone--there's just some minor irritation. My facial hair picked yesterday to start falling out (what's up with that?), and there's a lot of new skin on my head after all the peeling. I just finished a banana soy dream smoothie with protein and I'm sitting in the recliner by the window. Anna's across the room on the cot she's been sleeping on and Dillon is comfortably asleep on the floor at her feet.

My blood pressure's been running low today and Dr. Tucker thinks I may be a bit dehydrated and ordered more IV fluids in addition to my antibiotic. I just got my neupogen shot to boost my white blood count, and once that kicks in, it shouldn't be too long til we get to go home.

I'm sorry I haven't responded to any emails during my time here--there's no Internet access in the room (I gave Diane the file for my last post and she sent it from my computer at home. Anna's sending this one using her Air card gifted from Sharon Rush.) Thanks to everyone who's called, visited, brought food, and/or sent good wishes our way. The food people brought sure beats the orange "gel type treat" (fake jello) and your positive thoughts have been even more nourishing.

More soon. Anna sends her hugs and gratefulness to all.

Love, John


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