Saturday, October 21, 2006

Day60: Good wishes for a young friend

Some bad news about another patient, a young African-American man who was in the Transplant unit when I was, whose mother and Anna have become friends: he learned today that his leukemia is back. He’s been having a really hard time all along. His transplant was in May (I think), and he was still in the Transplant unit when Anna and I came in mid-August, and still there when we left in September. He’s been receiving treatment in the ATC, like me, but for the past week he’s been back on the Transplant unit because he needed so many transfusions. Now he and his family know why. I can’t know how he feels; I can only know how I felt back in May when I learned that my leukemia was back. It could have happened to me again, too. Still could. So my heart goes out to him and his family, and all the good thoughts and good energy I can send his way. Please send him your good thoughts and good energy, too—mobilize those mirror neurons. His name is Frank.


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