Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Quick Update

Hi everyone: We're still at MD Anderson. Today's been much better than yesterday. Dr. Andersson and his team came in early this afternoon and said they think they figured out what the problem is. My CMV count is very high based on test results this a.m. CMV stands for cytomegalo virus, which I keep imagining as something the cyclops hurled from his mountaintop when Odysseus jeered that he'd been beaten by nobody--and they've started me on new IV antivirals and antibiotics to address the CMV, and they're already working. I feel better, stronger, and more myself, and Anna said I even sound more like me.

Meanwhile, Anna has made amazing arrangements for Dillon. Emmie, Phyllis, and Phyllis' husband, are a lab-loving family from Augusta, Ga. who entertained Dillon in their suite again this afternoon while Anna visited here. Lisa from the hotel is dog-sitting Dillon in Anna's room from 3pm to 9pm. Anna was able to go out for Thai food at Nit Noi and we're eating it now. I had a shrimp spring roll amd ginger fried rice. Anna had Thai hot and sour soup

Wonderful Diane, who works with Anna, drove here last night with supplies--underwear, Dillon food, Anna's face cream, John's external music drive for computer, clothes to allow Anna to change from one outfit worn for 48 hours, etc.

A dog rescue advocate named Cynthia, friend of chaplain Hope Lipnik, will be taking Dillon to work at the Cotton Club retail site, near Smith and Hawken on San Felipe, from 9:30 am to 4ish.

Dr. Andersson predicts that we'll be leaving sometime next week after results for 1 week of anti-virals are shown. Tuesday-ish (May 1st--May Day) I imagine.

More soon. You can be in contact by emailing John via Anna at or calling John at 512-784-7533.

Love, John (and Anna)

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