Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back in Austin, infusion adventures...

From John:
Hi all. I am about to go to Seton Hospital for Day 3 of my anti-fungal infusion. I certainly hope the 3-hour infusion will not require 9 hours at the hospital, as it did yesterday (Day 2)! Day 1 had been at MD Anderson and it took 3 hours. At Seton, there were a lot of bureaucratic hold-ups and some mishaps with the nurse not noticing for 2 hours that the IV machine had stopped the medicine and turned on the saline-only drip. Anyway, I wasn't prepared with enough reading material on my Book Port or enough food or enough oral medication, so Anna had to return 3 times after she first brought me. The good news is that Dr. Tucker and nurse Micci at Southwest Regional Cancer Center (5 minutes from our house and across the street from Central Market) plan to move these infusions to their clinic starting Tuesday. Yippee! I know and really like the people there and it will be way more efficient.

From Anna:
John should be in infusion mode starting around 11:30 CST today and tomorrow if anyone would like to call him at 512-784-7533. Even with great efficiency, he'll probably be there until at least 4:30 CST both days.

John looks great today with very rosy cheeks (probably one of the medicines). We can't tell yet if the medicine is working or not re: the walking and talking. It will be hard to tell for a while. We feel very positive about all of the efforts from all of the wonderful doctors and all of the support from you guys. I feel calm and optimistic today. It is a beautiful, very cold day in Austin. We are very happy to be back in Austin. We cooked at home last night and played with Dillon beside the fireplace.

Thanks for volunteering to help, so many of you in Austin! Superstar Sharron Rush is setting up a Google calendar to coordinate the help and to make it easy for anyone else to sign up to take or pick up John or come by, bring food, etc. We will post again when the calendar is up and running.

Love, John and Anna


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