Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday update

Quick update from Anna as so many have called and written. First to clarify our access---John's email is not working here so you may wish to email John through me at

John is eating beef udon noodles with veggies. Mason and I picked it up on the way back from Bush Intercontinental (Did I really have to type that name?) where Mason arrived from San Francisco. Welcome Mason--John and I are both so happy to see him!

John has had the NFL playoffs on and the doctors and nurses have been very helpful and caring this weekend. Dr. Andersson and his research fellow talked with us quite a while this a.m. The spinal fluid so far shows elevated proteins (a problem) but no leukemia. They had talked with Dr. Forman, neurologist, and confirmed plans to:

1. Have infectious disease doctors take a look at Friday's MRI to see if the questionable areas on John's cerebellum and right frontal lobe are recognizable as infection.
2. Have a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow to look for clues re: this brain thing.
3. Have neurosurgeons look at MRI and visit with us tomorrow re: risks and plans for doing a biopsy of the area.
4. Have ENT doctors consult. After John complained of an ear problem, Dr. Andersson looked at Friday's MRI and saw sinus infection which they are now treating with IV antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral, etc.

If John ends up having a tumor (vs. the current hypothesis of an infection), he would need radiation. However, radiation would lower immunities so they don't wish to start anything like that unless infection is ruled out.

John is a bit tired of being so interesting as a subject of scientific investigation. Meanwhile we soak in your love and John enjoys football. More tomorrow....

Love, Anna and John



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