Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dillon in pain

Dillon’s in a lot of pain today, and he seems also to be confused by my use of Dragon Naturally Speaking, a program that allows you to dictate to the computer instead of typing to it. It's very hard to hear him panting so hard, and know that he's suffering so much. I don't know what to do and he can't tell me what he needs. He's such a wonderful dog, and I try saying the Buddhist prayer that Peg taught me -- May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering; may you be at ease; may you enjoy happiness and the fruits of happiness -- and it just makes me want to cry. So I do. Anna says she got up in the night and gave him some Tramadol because he was breathing so hard. This is in addition to the hydromorphone shot Anna gave him at 11pm (and it usually lasts until 7a.m. or so.)

Thanks to all those who've asked about him and his health. He still feels good -- that is to me -- and people who can see him say he looks good, too. But today he can't seem to get quiet. For a while he wouldn't lie down for more than a minute, and he got up and came over to me every time I said anything to the computer, as if he thought I was trying to give him a command or tell him something; but now he's lying beside my chair, and is quiet. I'm glad he is able to rest.

I'm going to end this now. For some reason -- it happens often -- Jaws won't read what I've spoken into Word unless I go one word at a time, and I've told you the essentials, anyway. Thanks again for asking about Dillon, and you will hear from me again soon in a more cheerful tone.

It's Tuesday night now, and Dillon was waiting for us by the door when we got home from having dinner at Asti with Zipporah and Gretchen. I took him out and he seemed much friskier and more alert that he had at midday when I wrote the earlier part of this message and I'm very glad that he seems to be feeling better for now. More later...

Love, John, Anna, and Dillon



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