Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Deja vu all over again, again

Well, I'm keeping my streak alive: I was home for 24 hours, it was wonderful, and now guess what? No, really--you have 2 guesses about where I am. If you guessed Seton Hospital in Austin, you would be right. Dr. Tucker called me at about 5:10 this afternoon and had just gotten off the phone with Dr. Jones at MD Anderson in Houston, and from what I remember of what he said, a test made yesterday before I left now shows that I have some sort of bacterial infection which, if untreated, could be fatal--and I should go to the hospital tonight; it didn't matter if I went to Seton or MD Anderson.

I also had a conversation with Dr. Kilbourne who's on call tonight and he told me that the infection is related to the PICC line in my vein (IV catheter for delivering multiple or long-term IVs). In any case, I'm getting IV antibiotics to squash whatever bugs shouldn't be there. I'm sure I'll be here a few more days at least (when have you heard that before?) because the drug has to go its course plus they need to do blood cultures to prove the infection gone--and the lab work for that takes 24-48 hours for each series.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your contact with me here. It was a wonderful 24 hours at home--Am looking forward to going back. Anna and Dillon are with me now here. Just before going home from MD Anderson, Anna got to visit our new grandbaby Wolf (& Wolf's parents Ledia and Paul, Uncle Mason and uncle's partner Melissa) in San Francisco while I enjoyed the lovely visits of Jay Byrd, Judith Sokolow, George La Salle, Larkin Tom, Leonard Van Gendt, Ted Smith and Mary Alma Welch.

I'd appreciate seeing you here in Austin if you can come by anytime. (Also lunch or snacks welcome Anna reminds). No masks or gloves required this time. I am available by cell phone 512-784-7533 or room phone 512-324-1731 or email to Anna Also, my laptop is really being repaired--I'll try to get it back tomorrow.

Love, John (& Anna and Dillon)


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