Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Please pray for Dillon; we are all 3 in pain

Anna: Dillon has had a limp for about 10 days. Last Friday, took Dillon to vet and she checked him out and made x-rays. Nothing showed up. Limp got worse--I took him back today and vet found lesion on cervical bone (breastbone--center of chest) and said it's probably bone cancer. We'll find out more tomorrow. We are weak with sadness. When I returned John asked nurse to disconnect IV so he could lie on floor with Dillon, crying, and feed him apple slices. Vet is sending X-rays to specialists who will probably order bone scan tomorrow. This is so hard. John should probably stay here even though he wants to go to specialist vet clinic with me. Since our whereabouts have changed so much, people don't even know that we are here and were told today that John should probably stay til next Monday or Tuesday to get him cler of IVs. If you can help, call or email us--John:(512) 784-7533, Anna: 512-431-6619. Email to either at annac@interactiondesign.com.

Love, John, Anna, and Dillon


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