Saturday, April 28, 2007

Getting Better

Hi everyone: My cyto-megalovirus is on the wane and I'm feeling stronger. Just finished a dinner of shrimp in garlic olive oil with angel hair pasta and a dessert tart of raspberries & blackberrie with whipped cream. Anna brought this from Carrabba's on Kirby.

Jim Allan and KC Dignan stopped in after their visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. It was great to see them and they brought me homemade brownies.

We're listening to music and dozing. Anna made arrangements for Dillon's care and that's allowed us to spend more time together, which I really love.

My platelets were up today, which is a good sign. Liver enzymes were down--also a good sign, and other tests all good as well.

Ledia's baby is due any day now, and we're very excited. Mason is planning to fly in tomorrow at 2:30pm. It'll be so great to see him.

That's it from the MD Anderson front now; see you soon! If you'd like to write, please send it to I love hearing from you!

Love, John

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