Thursday, May 03, 2007

Coming home soon!

Thia is from Anna in Austin--John is still at MD Anderson and Jay Byrd is there with him these 2 days while I work and dance! Ahhhhh--breathing out feels good.

John has been in the hospital so long because the steroids he's had to take for the Graft vs. Host Disease (pretty common event for transplant patients) knocked him for several loops--extreme weakness (that made it hard to even walk a few steps) and allowing an opportunistic virus to take hold, forcing him to go on a super strong anti-viral medicine intravenously.

Good news is that he's improving on all fronts and will be coming home early next week, we think. Doctors had planned to release early him this week. However, right after they said that he felt dizzy when standing up, leading to a CT scan and other tests--all negative. Dizziness episodes are somewhat common apparently and thankfully the dizziness has stopped. He is receiving daily physical and occupational therapy.

We appreciate all of your loving wishes and thoughts. You may call him 512-784-7533 or through the hospital 713-792-2121, Room 1179 or send email through me (his computer is broken re: connectivity).

love, anna


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