Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coming home today!!

Anna here: Love to all of you!!!!!! The celebration continues. Just heard the news that last test John needed--bone marrow biopsy--was negative in this a.m.'s preliminary report, and we're ok to come home today!!! John has been in the hospital continuously now for 34 days and is ready to leave. Will pick up Dillon at the Cotton Club on San Felipe and thank the marvelous Cynthia.

There's still a long road ahead. John is weak and will have to receive IV fluids for a while as well as physical therapy/exercise and a lot of oral medications to build up strength and electrolytes, and to taper off the steroids and all of their side effects. John is currently using a walker, which will be a bit of a challenge--How to incorporate Dillon?

We would be extremely grateful for help (from any of you in the Austin area who are available) with the following things:
-Taking John to medical and physical therapy appointments
-Walking with John around house or outside
-Helping organize many pills
-Hanging around with him when he has IV fluids (not chemo--so he can do some of this alone)while I work, exercise, or dance
-Just hang out with him, read or talk, etc. and provide moral support
-Bring him food, especially protein items, protein smoothies or snacks

Thanks to so many of you during this whole time period--with calls, visits, emails, and your positive thoughts and prayers. We were really caught off guard by this long episide and you came through for us once again.

Love, Anna and John


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