Wednesday, May 23, 2007

John graduating to rehab program at MD Anderson

Hi everyone: Anna here again with quick note. John is doing quite well! We had him home from hospital since Wed but he remained dizzy for a few days plus it was difficult to do all the IVs he needed for CMV infection at home. Came to MD Anderson on Monday and since then he's been steadily stronger, finished out most of the IVs, CMV gone completely. All blood counts great now. He'll be moving to a rehab program and new room on 3rd floor. Will work 3 hours a day (for 1-2 weeks) walking, walking with Dillon, practicing daily tasks, strengthening muscles, and compensating for neuropathy problems.

Plus through Place of Wellness here, favorite massage guy Curtis showed us how to massage from fingers and toes upward toward the brain, getting the fluids and toxins in his body to go away from the extremeties. We'll sign up for this and acupuncture too--all from the MD Anderson folks trained in these approaches.

I know John would appreciate visitors here in Houston. Our hotel room at Rotary House is available in the museum/Rice U area. When you are here, I may be in Austin or staying in John's room, so you can stay in the hotel room--831 with a king bed (rollaway available). Just let us know--John is at 512-784-7533, Anna at 512-431-6619, and email is John is on the Internet now, but not on his email.

Love and hugs, Anna and John


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