Wednesday, June 13, 2007

john, dillon & anna @ home (by anna)

hi everyone: we are in celebration mode and have been since the moment we came home from seton hospital on monday a.m. dillon has been jumping around playfully--day & night (ughh--wants to chase sounds in the backyard fountain at 3 a.m:) since we arrived.

i wanted to thank all of you for holding us in your prayers and positive intentions and for the many who have sent cards, called, and visited. over the weekend in the hospital and since we've been home, peg syverson, ted smith, linda ferrera-buckley, dana fris-hansen, mark holzbach, deborah hay, rino pizzi, bill nemir, charles chen, kurt heinselman, liz cullingford, alan friedman, evan carton, janis bergman-carton, & glenda sims have visited, many with food. thank you all.

john is here--without infusions attached to his arm! personal trainer marc heard comes every day to do exercises with him for his myopathy from the steroids. john is walking well but has a bit of a tremor related to the neuropathy which we are hoping to cure with supplements, acupuncture, and ice cream (adds john). i must note that ice cream is not allowed for me, as i've had to start lifting weights and watching my diet carefully again--to cure the effects of butt-in-chair syndrome experienced from hospital overdose. on a serious note, john's tremor is affecting his typing so we have resolved today to chase it down with our full attention.

i am working long days here at home with the wonderful diane colvard. diane has assisted john, dillon, and me personally in immeasurable ways. i am working on a project with wonderful cape cod friends steve and helen schoonover and their amazing dogs misha, mona, and bailey. the project will involve me in going to korea in july and again in august and i look forward to it.

meanwhile on the grandson front, little wolf is bigger and healthier every day and his parents in san francisco are very happy. i hope to stop there on july 16th on my way to korea.

much love to all,
anna and john and dillon


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