Saturday, March 01, 2008

John still ok and I fell asleep instead of blogging

Hi everyone: Thanks to so many of you for the amazing emails and calls after the last update. You guys have encouraged us all the way!

Around 7pm, they moved John from the recovery room into Room 802 where he is on constant monitoring of his vital signs and he is being watched by nurse one on one. His nurse is Raja and knew her from the rehab wing on the other side of the floor. Peter and Mason and I went there after dinner and saw that he was still a bit drowsy. His blood pressure had been on the high and they placed him on a drip blood pressure reduction medicine in his IV.

After seeing that John was in good hands for the night, I opted to sleep in the hotel room instead of the chair-bed in Room 802. I came to the hotel room and immediately fell asleep. Peter and John went to the hotel bar (which closes at 10pm). I had planned to write a blogpost but that didn't happen til now. I just phoned Raja and she said John's blood pressure was a lot better and he had drunk 3 small bottles of water. I will go back to sleep for a few more hours and go back to John's room early.

Love, Anna


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