Thursday, February 14, 2008

MRI results--the good news and the inconclusive news

Hi all: Sorry to shower you with so many emails today. Part of the reason for doing this update today instead of tomorrow is to inform our kinfolk--like Myles and Peter and Mason and Ledia and Marge and Patti, etc.--who are awaiting MRI results from this a.m.'s 2-hour MRI of John's neck and upper spine, and some imaging of the head.

Starting with John himself--he's walked around twice today with physical therapy people and is laughing, joking, and responding like his normal self, with some slurred speech and some pain in the neck. Cough is loose and he's off oxygen.

Dr. Forman came in around 4pm to tell us that:
-Neck and spine MRIs looked fine and John's neck pains on the right side did not appear to be caused by any "bad stuff" like cancer or infection. Could be some long-term problems like people have with back aches.
-John has a raging "mastoiditis"--sinus fluid/infection behind the ear and the ENT specialists plan to drain it tomorrow a.m. The built up fluid is pressing against the facial nerve/muscles on the right side and should resolve soon after this!!
-The brain MRIs couldn't be read very well because John was moving or coughing during that phase and they'll need to re-do the brain MRI next week under anaesthesia. However, they saw enough of it to note that it doesn't seem worse than before (and maybe not better either--not sure).
-Monday or so they will do a spinal tap to test fluid and mid-week another MRI

Dr. Ghide and other infectious disease doc said:
-So far the bronchoscopy is negative for bacterial or viral infections, perhaps because he had already been taking antibiotics and perhaps because it's a fungal infection or other cause of the pneumonia that hasn't grown in culture or been otherwise identified
-They plan to switch John off the ambisome and onto an oral anti-fungal

Dr. Hosing (leader of bone marrow team on service for Dr. Andersson) said:
-They will do repeat chest X-ray tomorrow or so and repeat CT of chest next week and if pneumonia is clear, he can go off some of these strong antibiotics
-He is allowed to go downstairs and see Dillon tomorrow afternoon!!

Yes, Diane and Jack are bringing Dillon to see us!!! And guess what else!!!!!!--Ledia and Paul and 9-month old Wolf (aka "Louie Crackers") are visiting from late Sat night through Tues a.m. --And Jim Allan and Peg Syverson are each planning trips here over the next few days--(and I probably forget a few more(

More soon....Love, Anna and John


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