Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grateful to be home

It is peaceful here at home. We arrived at 1pm after a very long 24 hours in Houston. Dillon greeted both of us by walking between our legs. I got to work hard all afternoon on a real work project with Diane, who had taken care of Dillon in her home. John took a nap. Brianne went out and bought groceries for John that included pear almond muffins, eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a brownie. And then Peg Syverson came by with spinach tortellini and made a homemade tomato and artichoke sauce. John is now reclining in his recliner by the television in his study.

As friends volunteer for the days ahead, we are reminded of the lovely help we received before leaving for the hospital last week--Judith Sokolow, Kathy Kellerman, Diane Colvard, and Greta all taking John, bringing yummy lunches &/or visiting in far flung Austin hospitals.

Thanks to Dr. Tucker and Micci here in Austin, and to Drs. Forman and Andersson at MD Anderson, as well as Mary Miller and Sherry, their nurses. Also thanks Mary Alma, Sharron Rush, the Jims, Ron Hicks, Peter Slatin, Myles and my sister Patti. And all of you who have called and written emails--like old family friends of John's--the Levines and Mafi. And Steve Ausbury, the Italian angel from New York, who sent us a huge basket of fruit and cheese and olive pesto, etc. And our Body Choir friends who envision John in total health and happiness, sitting on our patio with his laptop and drinking red wine. And every one of you who are still reading these crazy messages. There are so many of you--please forgive if we haven't yet acknowledged your large kindnesses. But you are right here with us!

Love, Anna and John


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