Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A lot more waiting...Home early tomorrow (we hope)!

Hi there. John is currently waiting for infusions of saline, magnesium, and ambisome in the ATC tranfusion unit (2nd floor), a particularly inefficient unit (IMO) at M. D. Anderson. I think the Fox news and 2 stale coffepots always on, combined with our average wait in the small waiting room of 2 hours (based on only 4 visits here) makes for a difficult venue. Dr. Andersson will meet us here with any new lab findings and then we are free to come home. John will probably be here 4-5 hours after we are admitted into a treatment room. Then we will be free to go---I think.

But a late night drive doesn't seem as good as an early morning one. So we'll stay tonight at Rotary House and leave around 6am to get back and show up at Dr. Tucker's office for more ambisome. As you can probably tell, I am weary and John is too.

We did have a pretty good day. Dr. Andersson thinks the low platelets are due to a high-dose antibiotic John is on, Bactrum. Also we have heard that one of the fungal pills causes auditory hallucinations. So the PhD "PharmDs" are checking out drug interactions and side effects. New blood tests were ordered to check out more infections (everything from TB to recurrence of CMV), so John went back to the lab for a second set of blood draws.

Dr. A confirmed that final results from bone marrow biopsy were perfect and no evidence of leukemia is found in the blood. The mystery remains. We are trying to learn to live with this mystery and allow healing to happen simultaneously.

More very soon....

Love, Anna and John


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