Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Treatment for pneumonia, waiting, no Dr. Forman today

Sweet ones: Thanks for your calls and emails. Everyone wants to know exactly what we want to know--MRI results, diagnoses, and next steps--To make sense of all of this chaos happening with John and in our lives, of what Dr. Forman calls the "mischief"

And yet, nothing seemed to happen today. We had been admitted late last night to Room P602 on the leukemia floor, with the idea of transferring--when rooms became available--to G11 with other bone marrow patients. But that didn't happen and nothing else really did either.

There were all-day infusions of vancomycin, breathing treatments to open John's bronchial capacity, oxygen through little plastic tubes going into his nose, an infusion of ambisome, and the same oral medications he's been on. John slept a lot, ate three small meals (plus a brownie snack), listened to WWOZ from New Orleans from my laptop, and chatted a little with family--all very low key and quiet. Even Mason and I dosed a lot, talked to a few doctors, but essentially waited all day to talk to Dr. Forman, neurologist and keeper of the keys to the MRI results.

After leaving John's room at 5am to have coffee in the 24/7 cafe and go over to the hotel room to change clothes, take a bath, and stop for a quick breakfast on the way back to John's room with the fresh squeezed OJ he requested, I had made a point to stay in John's room every minute of the day, waiting for Dr. Forman. One of Dr. F's residents came by around 11 and mentioned that Dr. F would be around after 1pm. Finally at 5pm, we demanded that the nurse page Dr. F and he told her he would see us tomorrow. That was it.

To be fair, we have experienced on two other Wednesdays that this is a day that Dr. F spends time with his aging parents and sometimes misses hospital visits altogether--I guess part of being that zany, brilliant, bow-tie wearing maverick of a really caring doctor, who can't quite deliver on all of his good intentions....We understand.

So maybe tomorrow, we will have something that seems like information. As I re-read my words about nothing happening today, I am compelled to revise that thought and say that lots of resting and treatments did occur----and that is huge and beautiful.

We'll keep you posted, even on the "nothings," if that's ok.

Have been reading to John every email you send and summarizing every call. He smiles and loves every word. By chance, we picked up his cell when Mafalda Stazi of Paris called. He loved it, but also has 22 messages waiting! We'll get them all. And we really really thank you.

Love, Anna and John


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