Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Part of the mystery solved---Pneumonia!

Quick note from the ER at MD Anderson Hospital, Houston. John oxygenation was below 90%, so they did another chest X-ray, blood gases, and other tests. Results show pneumonia. They are starting an infusion of a different kind of antibiotic, while continuing his oral medications that include, I think 3 antibiotics. The physician's assistant who was just in the room told me that John's chest pains, shortness of breath, dizziness, and disorientation can be partly or fully explained by this finding.

I believe they are also ordering a brain MRI for later tonight, but we won't hear about that until seeing Dr. Forman, probably tomorrow in John's inpatient room. The process is moving a bit slowly because of the focus on pneumonia, but it appears that wheels are turning toward admission. I would assume they will want to get good and rid of the pneumonia and have John stay here to watch over him.

Dianne Stewart came over to see us in the ER, right after we arrived. She was on business in Houston and saw the blogpost information. Thanks to her and many many of you who are sending beautiful email messages which I am reading to John!

Big big hugs to all!!!!


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