Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tapping into love, wanting to do more in John's name, text of service here tomorrow, audio available

Hi everyone: Thank you so very much for your messages of love and support. Many of you are emailing, calling, coming by, and maintaining your lovely connections. Thanks for the touching comments on this blog. You are easing my pain for sure and I am so grateful for your kind acts.

We really really are about to post the notes for the memorial service--you will see it tomorrow. Also I have a CD of the service which adds the music of course. We'll reproduce them and mail one to you if you would like to hear it. Please email your address if you would like one.

Special thanks to Sharron Rush and all of you accessibilty angels around the globe who are planning to do assessments in John's name. Amazing...

I would like for those of you who worked closely with John in one capacity or another, to help me, over the next weeks and months, come up with ideas for the best vessel (organization, university program, scholarship, foundation, prize, etc.) for furthering John's message going forward. I would like to make a donation toward such an effort from some or all of the funds that come from the assessment project, as well as offer my support as a cheerleader and, if it would help, meeting facilitator or communicator.

I think we need to start in a very open-ended way, gathering ideas, brainstorming, answering the broad question first:

What were John's most unique gifts and contributions--that should be modeled and expanded? I know he touched many fields related to web accessibility, accessibility and the arts, disabled communities, teaching, etc.

Secondly, what efforts can best further these contributions? But I think it's important not to jump to the "solution" before exploring what John's unique message really was. I want to make sure that the full "community" is included. It could be that there are several initiatives needed and some may not require massive resources. Perhaps I am naive about discussions that are already going on and you can keep me posted.

I would like to find a time a month or two out--Is there a Saturday?--when Austin people, hopefully joined by others, virtually, and face to face if you can meet for such a brainstorming discussion. Alternatively, the whole discussion could be online, but I would need help setting up the vehicle for this.

If you email me any ideas you have so far, Diane and I will post them into the body of the blog. There will be some time lags sometimes, but we'll keep it going.

Lots of love, Anna


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