Monday, March 24, 2008

Medicines pulled, John will pass soon, his soul will live on

Today, Peter, Mason, Melissa and I were here when Dr. Jones told us that John's kidney and lungs were shutting down and that the liver and heart were very stressed. Also platelets are extremely low. We made the tough decison to take the doctor's recommendation and pull away all of the medicines that would prolong his suffering. Also they willl do no more blood tests as it would cause bleeding. The doctor said that John would likely pass away any time between today and before a week is over.

Myles came into the room and Hope Lipnick, Jewish chaplain, joined us to recite a special Hebrew prayer for John to bless his passage at the end of his life. All of us held hands and said the prayer. Ledia joined us and then Laura Rose and Greta Gardiner from Austin walked into the room to spread the love. Everyone is sad. Everyone knows John's life is all about love and making a huge contribution of his intellect and sensitivity to others. Sharron Rush and Celia Hughes, who represent accessibility-based organizations John has worked closely with, will arrive in an hour or two.

I am profoundly sad to be losing John and profoundly grateful that there is such big love between us. And our love for one another will always be. I am grateful for Myles, Peter, Mason, Ledia, Wolf, and Melissa sharing this journey. And all of you are with us too in this circle of love and light.

Love, Anna and John


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