Monday, July 03, 2006

Im outta here!

I’m outta here! I’m being sprung later today—not sure when: after a transfusion of platelets and another of red blood and after they take out the PICC line; my guess is it’ll be sometime this evening, but I don’t really care. What matters is that we’re going home!!

The Neupogen shots (yesterday was #6, I think) finally kicked in last night. I had a little twinge of pain in my lower back/kidney area when I went to the  bathroom, and got worried—what if I’m developing a bladder or kidney infection just when things are starting to look up? But then I remembered that particular kind of pain: this would be the Neuopogen! And it was. The night was a bit uncomfortable (but nothing like the way I felt after the Neulasta shots last fall), but I was happy: the white count would be higher in the morning, I knew, and so it was.

--Update, 7:15 PM, Monday 3 July
Almost there now! I’ve had two transfusions today: a unit of platelets and a unit of red blood cells, with a dose of IV antibiotics in between. All done now. The line is being flushed with saline. When that’s done the PICC line will be removed from my arm (doctors Turner and Bissett are still concerned that it’s infected, and that without the IV antibiotics I’ll get sick all over again). And then there will be some paperwork, of course, and then we’ll get the hell out of here and go home, home, home!!

Again and again—I can’t say it nearly often enough—thank you to everyone who’s called and visited and brought beautiful food or been so present with me, thanks to everyone who’s been with Anna to keep her company and help her do what she’s needed to do to help me; thanks to everyone who’s sent good wishes and prayers our way; thanks to BodyChoir for including my name in the closing circle.

I’ve got a lot of email to catch up on; thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to write, too. I may not be able to respond to all of you, but I treasure your  messages.

OK. That’s all for now. I’m going to pack this up and send the post when I get home.

The journey continues!!


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