Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Update about Frank

Here’s a quick note from Anna, which includes a brief update about the young man I told you about the other day. He’s not doing well. Here’s Anna:

Hi all: John and I look forward to returning to Austin before Thanksgiving and appreciate all of the special blessings you have sent to heal John. It is all working!!! Thanks again for your visits, cards, sweet notes, poems, books, CDs, Central Market food, and so many other gifts. We are still opening them as part of our "130 Days" of blessings. 

And now we ask your help again. We have come to know a family from Alexandria, La. we love a lot. Rose and Franklin Jackson have a 21-year old son named Frank who was on John's floor in the bone marrow unit the whole time John was there. He is still there as he's been very sick, has severe kidney/bladder problems and bleeding caused by graft-vs.-host disease (the implant is trying to wipe out your body which it recognizes as "foreign.") He has just been told that his leukemia has returned, his transplant failed, and that there is nothing more they can do here for him other than palliative care. Frank and his parents are beautiful, open people. Frank Jr. was a freshman in college and runs an online Ipod music store. He loves computers and connecting with people that way. Frank Sr. is a minister in addition to his full time job and Rose has been away from her 2 jobs for over a year to take care of Frank. 

We ask, if you are called to offer one or both of these 2 things:   1) Your prayers and/or a card/note addressed to Frank Jackson c/o John Slatin, Rotary House, 1600 Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030. We all have faith that healing is still possible on many levels. We’ll make sure Frank and his family get them.  

2) A donation toward the $350 more I need (I have $150 of the $500 needed) to replace his H-P laptop's motherboard which was wiped out with a water spill in a vulnerable place. I've located a good repair person. If you feel called, please send checks to the address above, or pledge cash to Anna Carroll at 512-431-6619. Fixing this computer would light up his face I know. 

Anna talked with Frank’s mother, Rose, this morning. As things stand now, Frank will be flown by StarFlight on Friday to a hospital in his home town, Alexandria. Rose will fly with him, and Franklin, Sr., will drive one of their two cars (the second will be driven by a relative). Once in Alexandria, they’ll try to build up his strength enough so that he can receive chemo that will slow the leukemia down some. Anna has also been talking with Rose about some of the nutritional supplements I received (thanks to Elke Kniss and Glenn Luepnitz) while we were in Austin; perhaps there’s something there that would help Frank as it helped me. It’s a sad time.


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