Monday, April 28, 2008

Dillon losing weight and weaker & some plans

Hi all:

It is very sad to see Dillon, who provided so much beautiful service as a guide dog to John (and opened our hearts wide wide wide) growing weaker. I don't think he will be long for this world and I will keep you posted. He has greeted so many people over the last month and continues to love to be petted as he lies down and dozes most of the time.

So many of you have helped me and continue to help me in so many ways. I haven't gotten very far in writing each of you a thank you note, and I know that I may end up missing a few of you--just because I was kind of spacey at the timea when the flowers, food, and some other gifts arrived. But I do thank you and I do plan to write everyone. Your loving actions are very very meaningful to me. Please don't be shy in writing me a little email to keep me posted about yourself and mentioning the gift you sent my way.

I spent Passover last weekend in the wonderful presence of all of our immediate family in New York. At Saturday's seder in Delmar, NY with my sister were Peter, Myles, Nevah, Hannah, Mom, Patti, Dennis, Sarah, Rebecca, Sarah and her husband and daughter, and Rebecca and her fiance--13 of us in all. After New York, I visited Helen and Steve Schoonover in Charlottesville, Va. On the entire eight day trip, I felt enveloped in love--even while missing John so much.

Peter and I are planning to collaborate in editing and publishing John's Leukemia Letters (from the posts in this blog) and to evolve, with your help and input--a project to further John's legacy. We figure we'll need a number of months to evolve plans. We are healing and transforming and need some time, I think.

I love you.


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