Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Planning legacy work to carry on John's accesssibility mission

Thanks again for all of the loving messages, gifts, and invitations I've received from you guys. Each and every one of these connections has been healing, helpful, and hopeful to me. I look forward to more and more time and lovely conversations with you.

A few messages ago, I mentioned carrying forward John's mission. I know that this is already being done by so many of you in the wonderful work you are already doing in the field of accessiilty. In addition, I am seeking input on how to create a focused project or direction for moving forward John's unique contributions.

Peter, John's brother and I will be discussing ideas for how to do this over the next few months and would love to have you in the discussion. Please email me at anna@interactiondesign.com or Peter at pslatin@theslatinreport.com

Love, Anna


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