Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Day 64: Good progress

Anna and I are off to the Lab for the ritual blood-draw, then on to the ATC for IV fluids ((equally a ritual). They’re starting to taper these off in preparation for our return to Austin (!). This means that they’ve reduced the amount of magnesium in the IV fluid and increased the number of tablets I take orally—up to four per day, starting today. We’ll see how my stomach handles it; so far I’ve had no trouble with three a day, so here’s hopin’.

Yesterday’s counts were good: 13.0 red count, 4.6 overall white count, 2.46 absolute neutrophil count, 80 for platelets (still below normal, but up a bit from last week, when they were in the 70s the whole time). My tacrolimus level (tacro is the immuno-suppressant they give me to try to prevent the graft vs. host disease that has been so devastating for Frank) is down a bit as of yesterday, so today I’ll start taking a higher dose till the level’s right again. It’s a balancing act; Frank’s situation reminds me that it’s on the high wire.

I’m feeling very well, despite my sadness. My energy’s up, I’ve been getting a little work done, spending time with Anna, seeing friends. We’ve had some great visits—Jim Allan came for the day last Tuesday, driving in early in the morning, spending the morning with me at the clinic and the afternoon hanging around the apartment, driving home again after dinner. Glenda Sims and her husband, Scott, stopped by on Sunday for an hour or so on their way back to Austin after attending a wedding in Houston. And Jim Thatcher and Diana Seidel just left a few minutes ago—they drove in this morning, arriving about the same time as Dr. Andersson I think, shared a wonderful “picnic lunch” that Anna had prepared for us to eat in the clinic (!), then heading back after a coffee and a few minutes’ chat in our room here at Rotary House—Diana’s getting ready for the big annual pottery show. Thanks so much for coming—it’s such a joy to be with friends. (And, if I’ve forgotten anybody, please let me know and I’ll fix it, with apologies—I know I forgot to mention Allison Orr’s visit several weeks ago, one weekend when she and her husband Blake and baby Genevieve had been in town visiting Blake’s parents. Sorry, Ali!)

Back from the clinic now (it’s after 3:00). Today’s counts are a little better even than yesterday’s—hemoglobin up a smidge to 13.1, overall white count over 5.0, absolute neutrophil count at 2.74, platelets all the way up to 94! So they’re definitely starting to head upwards. Dr. Andersson came in surprisingly early for his weekly clinic visit (around 10:00 I think), fresh from his four weeks away—first to see his daughter, who’s in her first year at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY; then to Sweden, his native country, for three weeks with family and friends. He says he’s very pleased with my continued progress, and when, holding my breath a little, I told him I’d very much like to be home in Austin before Thanksgiving, he replied that if things continue as they’ve been going that should be no problem. So we’re shooting for Monday, November 20—just a little less than four weeks from now! Hurray!
Love to all, and more soon. And oh, how I’m looking forward to coming home.


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