Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dillon passed away, another angel to join John

Loved ones: Dillon died at 4:30pm today in the presence of Jay Byrd, Diane Colvard, Jack McKinney, and myself. He had been unable to walk properly since yesterday and spent his time lying on the grass on the front yard and then last night on the grounds of Dancing Waters Inn at friend David Baker's in Wimberley.

Jay and Jack carried him into the vet's today on his "blue cloud" rug, while he lay still, sleeping. He looked very peaceful and as we hugged him, we knew he was joining John in a place of love and freedom.

We plan to spread Dillon's ashes along with John's in Austin, Cape Cod, and Paris.

Special loving thanks go to Dan Schwab and Diann Grimm in Richmond, CA. They raised him as a guide dog puppy and continued to love him and stay in connection through John's illness, even keeping him in grand style while John had his bone marrow transplant.

Dillon was a teacher to me, John, and many other people. He taught us about love and compassion and showed us (through a million experiences of people wanting to pet him) how many people really just want to love and be loved.

With big hugs to all,


Anonymous Philip Taylor said...

I am in tears as I read your account of Dillon's passing : it brings to mind the death of our own much-loved Cleo, documented here.

Philip Taylor

9:20 AM  

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