Tuesday, December 09, 2008

John's birth day

56 years ago today, john came into this world, to myles and diana at a hospital in buffalo. when he died eight months ago in houston, i climbed into the hospital bed with him, covering us both up with the dayglow lime green blanket......it felt peaceful, surrounded by our family.

so much love.
soooooo much love and impact he had while here.

a year ago, 85 people showed up on short notice to laredo cantina restaurant in austin to celebrate his 55th birthday. i remember that night, his sweetness, humor, and delight--even though he was very weak and had trouble walking. so many hugs were going round, witty toasts, people hopping tables & sitting on laps, dillon being petted under the table non-stop, fresh lime margaritas, and many donations to cover the tab.

so many of you kept showing up and showing up--matching john's endurance, your love and my love and his love swirling.

i just wanted to share this day with you. i am touched, sad, feeling lucky to have experienced (and still experience) the love of john and the love of you. there are tears---AND--i have never stopped dancing.

if i have a prayer for each of you in this loving community of support, it is that you never give up the intensity of your compassion and of your passions. that however much you loved john and felt connected to what he stood for, that you ride that energy even higher and faster than you ever did before--and keep it going and keep it beautiful. and keep it fun for yourself, not like a martyr to a cause, but staying in your joy and grace, and giving of your amazing talents--like i felt john to do in his life.

please, please stay in touch and be patient with me even if i don't always respond right away. know i want you to be with me.

love, anna


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anna --

Thinking of you, of John, of Peter, and Myles on what would have been John's birthday. I hope you're doing well.

(I was a friend of JOhn's in Buffalo. Now in Austin.)

-Rachel Cohen (ocohen2@sbcglobal.net)

10:12 PM  

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