Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paris for March 2009 anniversary of John's passing--You are invited!

Dearest friends and family:

To mark the anniversary of John's death last March, Peter Slatin, Nevah Assang, Hannah Slatin, Mason Carroll, Melissa Craven, Jay Byrd, Mafalda Stasi and I will be gathering in Paris for the core dates of March 23, 24th, and 25th. You are invited too.

We plan some simple events for the 23rd-25th:

March 23 will focus on "Past"--with memories of John in Paris, to be held at a favorite bistro for dinner. John, Peter, and their parents traveled to Paris several times before he visited during graduate school and later taught near Versailles through the UT English Department exchange program. In addition, John and Anna went to Paris on several vacations, including twice with Dillon

March 24th, "Present," will be the actual 1-year anniversary of his death. We are planning a short ceremony in the old Jewish quarter, plus the spreading of John's and Dillon's ashes in the river and at a historical site.

March 25th will be at a new place that John would have liked but never went to, with each of us sharing how John's memory goes with us into our own personal future and/or how we are transformed by our connection with John. (Please make suggestions for a lively ir interesting venue for this:)

It would be super special if any of you in locations near Paris or any of you who are able to make the trip could join ua for some or all of these events. Your ideas are welcome too. I personally will be arriving on March 21 and staying until the 27th. Mafalda Stasi lives in Paris and has graciously offered to help us with some of the arrangements. I can share our hotel information, etc.

Thank you, each one reading this. You have held me in your hearts, awake and living enthusiastically, and your love continues to nourish me.

In about a week, I will be posting a photo of the beautiful "Memorial Weaving" created by Melissa Craven for and during the memorial service for John, along with the text of all of the attendees' comments on paper that made up the weaving.

Love, Anna


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