Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Asking for email messages for family to read in Paris

Hi everyone: Reaching out to you with love---I have found myself reliving a lot of beautiful and sad experiences from last year at this time.

Peter, Nevah, Hannah, Mason, Melissa, Jay and I will be joined in Paris by Mafalda where we will commemorate the 1-year anniversary of John's passing. In the blogpost before this one, there is a description of our ceremony plans.

For March 24th, we will read the messages many of you wrote at John's service for Melissa Craven's beautiful 3'x10' "Memorial Weaving."

We invite you to email a short answer to the question "How does your memory of John influence your life now?" or any other comment you would like for us to read. Please email them to me by replying to this message. Diane Colvard will print them out so they will be a surprise on the date of the ceremony. PLEASE SEND THE MESSAGES BEFORE FRIDAY MARCH 20th.

I hope to see you and/or hear from you soon. My cell is 512-431-6619. I will be moving to a loft apartment overlooking Town Lake in Austin on April 15th, so I hope you will visit me. Thanks again for being such a loving presence in John's and my lives.

Love, Anna


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