Monday, August 13, 2007

Update about Dillon

It's 9:15 Monday evening.Dillon is sleeping peacefully in the living ro or actually on the hard pine floor, half his body in the dining room, half in the living room, so that I have to move very carefully and slowly to get around him without stepping on or tripping over him.

We've decided against amputating his leg. We thought about it and cried about it long and hard, and read your emails and let your voices ring in our heads, and in the end we decided-- there being no right answers, and no wrong ones-- to let nature take its course, meanwhile doing all we can to nake him comfortable.

We can tekk he hurts a lot-- he holds up his right froht paw even when he's lying downm and he pants hard. Bit ue's eating all his food and dinking all his water, and eating the treats that Anna sometimes gives him (less often it's me), and taming his medicine. And he loves going outside-- he leaps up when we suggest going outside, and now he's developed a new trick: he leads me inside from the rfront of the house, going fast despite the nimp, pulling hard. And then, no sooner do I git the leash off than he heads hor the back door and stands there until I let him out. Go figure.

It's wondeful that I get to spend si nuch time with him. Amd terrible to know so much and so little about what might be happehing insidehim, and in our own depths.